Kitchen Hood, Duct, Exhaust & Ecology Unit Cleaning

The kitchen is the most essential part of our home or restaurants hotels etc. So it has a high chance of getting grease and dirt inside these hoods, ducts, exhaust. For maintaining the life of these infrastructures, we need to maintain them regularly so that our kitchens are neat & clean.

Blue diamond General maintenance provides service maintenance of Kitchen hood. Cleaning of Kitchen hood is a process of removing grease that has been accumulated in hoods and vents of exhaust systems of commercial kitchens. Managing your kitchen AC duct is proof that the complete kitchen and AC duct system is clean.

Scope of Work :
  • Damp wiping of all surfaces including walls, windows, and blinds.
  • Cleaning cabinets inside and out.
  • Cleaning kitchen counter and sinks.
  • Cleaning tables and chairs.
  • Cleaning countertop appliances.
  • Clean light switches and wall outlets.
  • Degrease of stove tops surface and burners.
  • Degrease of Clean A/C Grills.
  • Disinfecting of floors