Landscaping and Gardening Tips in Dubai

Gardening can be a very tranquil and rewarding experience in Dubai. It’s not as straightforward as it may seem at first glance, though, and proper gardening requires a little bit of study of techniques and, of course, plant characteristics and needs. Specially in Dubai perspective its need most. Here are some tips to maintaining a garden in Dubai.

Heat Beating Plants

Overheating in summer at Dubai your garden’s few plants can turn into a crispy mess. Fortunately, there are some plants that are built to withstand the heat. The most resilient plants include the Money Plant which can be grown in soil as well as water-filled bottles. Besides, there are some plants which can really beat the heat. These are Agapanthus, Black-Eyed Susan, Dusty Miller, Gerbera Daisy, Hibiscus, Lantana, Plumeria, Frangipani, Ficus, Jasmine etc.

Vegetable Gardening at Pot or Container

You can get vegetables from your aesthetic garden. There are many types of vegetables and herbs that can easily be grown and maintained in small containers and pots such as Lettuce, Mint, Rosemary, Parsley, Chillies, Spinach, etc. From this type of garden you can overcome pests and soil-borne diseases. Besides colorful containers or pot is also a great way to decorate your garden.

Installing Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is comparatively better in Dubai. Natural Grass maintain might difficult in the heat of the summer. If you have a large garden, and want to save water and money, consider installing artificial grass. It’s much easier and cheaper to maintain. There are many landscaping companies in Dubai but I think in artificial grass fitting MBR landscaping is better.

Avoid Overwatering

Watering your garden regularly is essential and basic. In order to avoid overwatering, check to see if the first two to three inches of the soil are dry and ensure that the soil is damp and not soggy after watering. During summer months, it is advisable to water the plants in the morning or night.

Trimming and Mowing

Trimming your plants and mowing the lawn regularly will ensure your garden looks beautiful, and will save you the trouble of dealing with one that is growing wild and out of control. Little and often does the trick!

Drought tolerant Plants

All plants need water to survive. However, like plants that require more water, some plants grow in least water. There are some plants which can survive in drought. Agave, Bougainvillea, Portulaca, Lithops, Verbena etc. these are the best drought tolerant plants and can live without water for a long time. So in Dubai its better putting drought tolerant plants.

Food waste for manure

Food waste from your kitchen can serve as great manure for your garden, and you can even consider having a small compost pit if the space allows for it! Ensure your soil is healthy as it prevents the growing of weeds.

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