Water Tank Cleaning

Water tank cleaning services are the most important services when it comes to the health of people. The water tank cleaning services should be performed frequently to ensure a healthy and hygienic life. Pure water runs our life and it is the most important part of our lives. As water tank is the main source where the bacteria grow, breed, and multiply.

Water tank cleaning should always be performed with the help of a professional company as they will train for the confined spaces and will be deep knowledge regarding water tank cleaning. BLUE DIAMOND is approved by Dubai Municipality Food Control Department for water tank cleaning. We are using DM-approved chemicals and different equipment like pressure washers brushes etc. Our cleaners are certified holders of water tank safety and trained for confined space entry. We perform the Microbiological test, Legionella test, and TBC test which can also be conducted at the request of the client. Our team uses PH meter to check the PH level of the water.

Services Offered
  • BLUE DIAMOND cleaning teams are trained for confined space entry especially to clean water tanks in odd locations.
  • They will chemically clean and disinfect your tank.
  • Wastewater is discharged only after meeting the required standards.
  • We are using modern types of equipment and methods for cleaning.
  • Our team will clean and disinfect your tank and remove all stains inside the tank.
  • We ensure high quality and standards of service to all our clients.