Garbage chute cleaning and maintenance

A garbage chute, also known as a trash or garbage collection chute is a vertical tube used in buildings to quickly and efficiently dispose of waste materials from upper floors to a central collection area, such as a dumpster or compactor located at ground level or in a basement.

Specifications of garbage chute

Side Hinged Intake Door

500 MM WIDTH x 700 MM HEIGHT stainless steel (Grade 304 / 316) noiseless, self-sealing and self-closing, and Hand Operated or Pedal operated door, Accessories includes Electric strike, Latches, Gas Springs, & Indicator Lamps.

Each door can be connected to an electrical interlocking system, when a single door is opened on one floor, doors in the remaining floors will be locked automatically.

All hopper doors can be locked when the garbage trolleys are being moved or when the chute is being cleaned, as a safety measure, this function is controlled through the control panel located at the garbage room.

intake door garbage chute cleaning
offset of the garbage chute

Chute Offset

600mm Dia or 700mm or 800mm. Chute fabricated Stainless Steel, 1.5mm thickness to suit the site condition and additional reinforcement plate will be provided inside the chute offset for the free fall of garbage disposal.

The tube outer is double coated with sound damping paints to dampen the noise when the garbage is disposed.

Intake Throats

Intake throats will be installed on each floor fabricated with 1.5mm Thickness Stainless Steel coated with sound-dampening material. The openings of the intake throats will be made to suit the Intake doors installed on each floor.

garbage chute intake throat
garbage chute control panel

Control Panel

The Control Panel is located in the Garbage Collection room at the Basement Floor.  The panel contains all necessary electric components, switches, relays, and push buttons for easy operation and electrically controls the system including the door interlocking, exhaust fan, and solenoid valve.

How to keep garbage chute Cleaning hygiene

Garbage chute cleaning was doing periodically as to maintain the hygiene.

Usually during the garbage bag disposal, the bag open and all the litter will be stickled to the inner area of the chute, it creates a foul smell in course of time, and it is un-hygienic as bacteria forms.

Periodically high pressure water jet is required to remove cleaning of the chute so all the foul smell is removed and coat of disinfection is done to have pleasant smell.

Advantages of Regular Garbage Chute Cleaning & Maintenance

Regular maintenance of garbage chutes offers several advantages that contribute to the overall efficiency, cleanliness, and safety of a building.

Here are four key advantages of regular chute maintenance :

1 Prevention of Blockages and Odors:

Regular maintenance involves cleaning the chute thoroughly, removing accumulated debris, and sanitizing the interior. This prevents blockages caused by buildup and reduces the likelihood of foul odors arise from decomposing waste. Proper maintenance helps sustain a hygienic environment within the building.

2 Reduced Fire Hazards:

Garbage chutes pose a fire risk if not regularly maintained. Combustible materials or accumulated debris can potentially ignite and leading to a fire hazard. It may quickly spread through the chute to other parts of the building.

Regular maintenance includes inspections for potential fire risks, ensuring that fire-resistant materials and safety features are intact to prevent the spread of flames.

3 Extended Equipment Lifespan:

Routine maintenance helps to extend the lifespan of the garbage chute system. Regular inspections and cleaning can identify and address issues like corrosion, wear and tear, or structural damage from preventing further deterioration and the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

4 Enhanced Safety and Hygiene:

A well-maintained garbage chute promotes a safer and more hygienic environment for building occupants. It reduces the risk of accidents due to blockages or malfunctioning chute components.

Proper sanitation minimizes the spread of germs and pathogens, contributing to a healthier living or working environment.

Regular maintenance of garbage chutes is crucial for preventing blockages, reducing fire hazards, prolonging equipment lifespan, and ensuring the safety and hygiene of the building for its occupants

garbage chute cleaning gate barrier before and after

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