Extra Low Voltage System

Extra Low Voltage System

Extra-Low Voltage is the voltage of electricity supply is in a range that is low enough that it does not carry any high risk of any high voltage electrical shock’s.

The range of voltage that can be classified as Extra-Low Voltage is alternating current not exceeding 50 V AC and direct current not exceeding 120 V DC (ripple-free).

This is based on the standards as per EN 61558 or BS 7671.

extra low voltage

CCTV & Access Control Installation & Maintenance

Our team can help you with sourcing and installing the best surveillance system. However,  suited for your office, and commercial spaces. Be it small, medium, or large facility. Hence, ensuring the safety of each one.

Through the process of investigation and collaboration, we will design and engineer a security solution. In other words, it will efficiently address your needs on time and on budget.

Blue diamond General Maintenance provides the best services. We have trained technicians. Our consultants are experienced in offering remote CCTV systems. As it includes a network of multiple CCTV security.


Gate Barrier And Parking Management System

Parking barrier Gates are ideal for small and medium-size industrial sites. our industrial gates provide the ease of automatic operation while still maintaining security on your property.

Blue Diamond offers a wide range of Gate Barriers for controlled physical access to parking, areas, and specially secured zones.

we supply a wide range of car parking barriers manual arm barriers  and height restrictors to industry, the building trade, councils, schools, hospitals and domestic customers

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Ac Duct cleaning

AC Duct Cleaning

We are one of the Best facility management and NADCA Approved company. Duct cleaning is the process of removal of dirt, slime, mold, and debris. Our team uses all safety measures for cleaning and sanitation.

pest control

General Pest Control

Pest control or pest management is a process wherein one eliminates or manages unwanted creatures like pests. These Pests cause massive damage to our property as well as it will create an unhealthy environment.

Facade Cleaning

Facade cleaning process makes the front part of a building clean from dirt, grime, stains, and pollutants. The cleaning makes the building clean, attractive and free from dirt. 


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