Hard Services

Hard Services

Facility Management is divided into Hard service & Soft services. Hard Service is a service that cannot be removed from the premises and is directly related to the fabric of the building. In other words, these services ensure health, safety. Also, the welfare of employees is adhered to and most are required by law.

Hard services is the term given for services that generally include the inspection, testing, and servicing of physical or tangible assets or equipment. However, hard services are required for compliance for a site.

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Ac Duct cleaning

AC Duct Cleaning

We are one of the Best facility management and NADCA Approved company. Duct cleaning is the process of removal of dirt, slime, mold, and debris. Our team uses all safety measures for cleaning and sanitation.

general cleaning with wearing mask for cleaning premises

Regular Cleaning

Our cleaning services include General and Deep Cleaning. This cleaning offers to remove Bacteria and Germs and provides disinfection to all areas.


Facade Cleaning

Facade cleaning process makes the front part of a building clean from dirt, grime, stains, and pollutants. The cleaning makes the building clean, attractive and free from dirt. 


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