Specialized Cleaning Services

Marble, Tile, polishing.

Crystallization is used to polish and maintain a shine on marble surfaces. Above all, Blue Diamond General Maintenance uses these techniques in polishing and crystallization for all types of floors like marble, tiles parquets.

This process is carried out only by our special team. Our team also removes scratches on the surface and also makes the surface shiny.

Carpet, Sofa Cleaning

Carpet, Sofa, and upholstery shampooing means to eliminate dirt and stains on rugs, carpeting. Blue Diamond General Maintenance has in-house trained team to clean all your carpet, sofa & upholstery.

For cleaning, our team uses brushes, carpet shampoo, vacuum, pre-spray, defoamer. It removes odor, germs, viruses, microorganisms, stains

Chandelier Cleaning

Chandelier cleaning involves taking off all the crystals and globes, so they can be cleaned individually.

The chandelier is a decorative piece to enhance beauty. Some type of chandelier has precious stones, glass, crystals. So it should be cleaned regularly to maintain its shine.

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Deep cleaning

Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning service is a more detailed cleaning, this cleaning offers to remove the bacteria and germs and provide disinfection to all areas. Our team provides the best deep cleaning services

facade cleaning

Facade Cleaning

Facade cleaning process makes the front part of a building clean from dirt, grime, stains, and pollutants. The cleaning makes the building clean, attractive and free from dirt.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool cleaning will keep the pool hygiene, safe and crystal clear. It should be cleaned regularly so that the swimming pool will be in its best possible condition


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